concrete restoration, joint and crack repair

Concrete Restoration
Employing epoxy, urethane, cementitious or polymermodified cementitious materials, our concrete restoration repairs are designed to:

  • Restore the structural properties of the concrete.
  • Provide a long-term repair solution.
Both vertical concrete repair and horizontal concrete repair are possible with these materials.

Joint And Crack Repair

Our repairs solve a variety of common concrete
surface problems:

  • Mending of concrete surface cracks caused by shrinkage, stress, loading or sub-grade deterioration.

  • Restoration of joint or crack edges broken by heavy wheel traffic or other abuse.

  • Rebuilding of joint and crack nosings to provide a sound substrate.

Such repair not only corrects problems but can actually increase the strength and performance of the joint or crack, while providing a consistent surface for subsequent coating or topping systems.