Resinous Floor And Wall Coating Systems

Epoxy And Urethane Floor Coatings And Wall Coatings Are:

  • Long-lasting protection for environments requiring hygienically cleansurfaces.
  • Aesthetic and easy to clean.
  • Made with environmentally friendly epoxy and urethane materials.


Resinous Wall Systems And Fiberglass Reinforced Wall Systems, which can be:

  • Multi-layered with crack-bridging membrane coats,
  • Multi-layered with fiberglass reinforcement, or
  • Multi-colored and decorative, blending a mixture of vinyl chips,

Provide excellent service in pharmaceutical manufacturing, food and beverage processing, laboratory research, healthcare, veterinary facilities, clean rooms, restrooms and correctional facilities.


Designed for light to moderate wear, the Epoxy Floor Systems, which:

  • Provide highly light-reflective surfaces,
  • Have excellent gloss retention, good chemical and stain resistance, and
  • Resist many common acids, fuels, greases, salt and Skydrol, are ideal in industrial plants, warehouses and aircraft hangars.


Static Dissipative and Conductive Systems (ESD FLOORS)

  • Produce a highly protective surface.
  • Utilize specially formulated materials to provide spark-proof, static-dissipative floors within required ohms resistance levels.

Durable and wear resistant, our static dissipative and conductive systems are excellent for electronics production, semiconductor production, munitions storage and aerospace facilities, as well as power plants, clean rooms, computer rooms and aircraft hangars.