Decorative Fluid-Applied Flooring Systems

Trowel-applied or broadcast-applied, seamless fluid-applied resinous flooring systems have become many facilities’ selection of choice for high traffic and “wet”areas—particularly where aesthetics are of concern.

  • Resistant to impact, abrasion and is chemical resistant.

  • Seamless quartz floors and vinyl chip floors utilize various colors of aggregates blended to achieve multiple color variations.

  • Customizable with skid-inhibiting features to work with your cleaning regimen.

  • Seamless fluid-applied resinous floors are a good choice where a decorative appearance is desired.

Designed with wear and maintenance in mind, decorative resinous flooring systems provide excellent service in commercial kitchens, locker rooms, showers, healthcare and pharmaceutical facilities, laboratories, clean rooms, animal research facilities and food and beverage facilities.