Industrial Flooring and Re-surfacing

Trowel-Applied Epoxy Mortar Systems

  • Resurface damaged concrete or pitching of existing floors.
  • Protect substrates from thermal shock, heavy wear or heavy impact.

To provide protective resurfacing, the high-build, 1/8- to 3/8-inch thick, trowel-applied systems utilize epoxy and aggregate mortar, high-build grout and seal coats.

Excellent for heavy-duty wear areas, epoxy trowel-applied mortar systems are ideal for use in manufacturing plants, pulp and paper mills, waste water treatment facilities, pharmaceuticals, drum storage areas, petroleum refineries, and food and beverage facilities

Self-Leveling Epoxy and Urethane Systems

  • Seamless epoxy coating systems are easy to clean, durable, wear and slip resistant.
  • Chemical resistant coatings are available for harsh chemical environment.

High build, protective self-leveling epoxy coating systems are usually 1/16- to 3/16-inch thick and use 100% solid binder resins and selected aggregates to produce a resin rich material that is easily applied.

Designed for medium to heavy duty wear, self-leveling systems are excellent in manufacturing plants, animal enclosures, automotive maintenance areas, clean rooms, pharmaceuticals, locker rooms, restrooms, packaging and storage areas, and aircraft hangar floors.

Chemical Resistant Coatings and Toppings

  • Protect the substrate from degradation by aggressive acids, alkalis, and solvents.
  • Develop fast, physical strength for quick project turn around.

Epoxy coatings and topping systems can be self-leveling, applied by trowel or as a coating. As such, they may vary from thin millimeter thicknesses to 1/4 inch or more.

Ideal for moderate to heavy-duty wear, these coatings and toppings are great for use in semiconductor manufacturing plants, pulp and paper mills, waste water treatment facilities, pharmaceuticals, refineries, acid proofing for plating operations and secondary containment areas.

Urethane Concrete Toppings

  • Resistant to impact, thermal shock and is chemical resistant and corrosion proof.
  • Effect a breathable system to eliminate substrate moisture vapor transmission problems.

Designed for long-lasting performance and quick, seamless installation, these moisture-tolerant, trowel-applied or slurry-system toppings improve cleaning, safety and productivity.

Ideal for high-moisture areas, urethane mortar toppings provide protection of industrial floors in food processing plants and kitchen floors, commercial kitchen floors, beverage plants, sugar processing plants, meat and poultry plants, restrooms and concession stands.